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Ceased to practice integration

Boxing has ceased to create a koristuvach, but to transfer to the next status. With any field of the original ID, they are deprived of being empty and the decision of the steps to be done without pardon.
As a result, the process will reach a successful status, otherwise the system will not be broken.
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can you give an example of the process
because judging by the log https://shopping.vstup.kiev.ua/admin/logs/showall/ajax/?file=moodle-2021-10-01.l... api stopped giving answers and most likely this question is for moodle
02.10.2021, 11:14
Original comment available on version: ru

For the butt of process 38474, in process 38479 there are a few iterations without result, but on the other hand, the request was made manually through the terminal and everything worked.
Those that can be seen from the log, the parameters in the request are mixed, the html of the day is not cleaned up. Take such a request and vikonati, nothing is needed
02.10.2021, 18:26
Original comment available on version: ru

The pinning of the robot became close to 17:00 30.09. On the same day, the DST support of the Let'sEncrypth root certificates was attached and the transition to ISRG was made.
Is it possible that the reason for the application of robotic drinking is that boxing has won old certificates? Web part of the ISRG victorious, otherwise?
02.10.2021, 18:51
Original comment available on version: ru

Looks like the problem has been fixed
03.10.2021, 01:15
Original comment available on version: ru

the problem was in the certificates
cash on them was 24h
03.10.2021, 16:03
Original comment available on version: ru

Troch is not so, ale, how much for you to ask food and think about the options at once!
03.10.2021, 17:32
Original comment available on version: ru

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