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How it works «Google Spreadsheet» #

It allows to import data from Google Sheets. In particular, you'll be able to upload your products to the system. There's also import of processes available. Due to import, further work with the data will be done in the system, this will allow to apply the automation for your contact base management, so as for faster processing of the orders.

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Available Platforms «Google Spreadsheet» #

Application Google Spreadsheet available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Google Spreadsheet available on my server
Available on my server
Application Google Spreadsheet customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Google Spreadsheet» forum #

1 answer
20.02.2023, 17:24
Assistance in importing exchange rates
Who can help to prescribe the formula in unloading the selling euro card rate from the site kurs.com.ua. Write to the cart @VasiliyMaslianik. Reaso...
Improvement: uploading products to Google sheets
Hello. I ask you to evaluate the completion of the action in automation for unloading products in Google Sheets like
1 answer
14.12.2022, 17:22
XML upload of reports to Google Sheets
Tell me, is it possible to upload (automatically) different types of reports from OneBox to Google Sheets?
2 answer
01.05.2022, 23:30
Refinement of unloading google spreadsheets by sheets
in box https://palyanica.1b.app/ In the action "Export processes to Google spreadsheets" add a drop-down list Where we select the proces...
2 answer
09.04.2022, 09:21
Evaluate the refinement of the Import Products from Google Sheets activity
There is an action Import products from Google spreadsheets, in its settings it is possible to specify from which columns to import the image that...
Upload to google spreadsheet
Hello, we have set up an unloading from the box to the Google table of warehouse balances. But unfortunately: 1 the barcode of the product is not u...
6 replies
15.02.2022, 14:40
Uploading from different Google spreadsheets
Is it possible to add to the automation (1 time / min) additional Google spreadsheet sheets from which to import data into the box. That is to spec...
Export of warehouse balances to Google spreadsheets unloading of certain fields
Here https://monoshop.crm-onebox.com/app/automatization/minute/edit/ is configured to unload leftovers from the warehouse. The action initially con...
1 answer
27.01.2022, 15:14
Upload action to google spreadsheet
https://qube-soft.1b.app/desktop/ Action Export Processes to Google Sheets There is no setting in action, showed in the screenshot As I understand...
3 answer
27.01.2022, 13:23
Upload to google spreadsheet
https://qube-soft.1b.app/app/automatization/minute/edit/#done In action Export Processes to Google Sheets I specify "Name", but after sav...