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Lead Management

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The app by OneBox will help you to process leads and manage them efficiently and also to automate the lead generation. You'll be able to see the total number of applications, how many of them are currently processing, were declined or successful purchase confirmed. The result is sales automation and profit increase.

Service features

The app for lead generation by OneBox reflects the following indicators for the applications:

  • total amount of leads and which of them are currently processing;
  • the number of processed application;
  • unanswered requests;
  • how many customers abandoned the purchase.

The service will show the source of the process, so you can trace exactly, where did the application come from. This allows to build sales funnel, trace the most productive sources of clients and those, which need to be refined to increase sales.

Processing of leads with the help of our service allows to track, which employee is working under specific application. Thus you'll be able to determine the KPI of every employee and accurately calculate the bonuses to be added to monthly salary (if it's stipulated in your company).

Also it's a great tool for leads management, which allows to get rid of human factor and process every application to 100%. You can set the notifications interval for non-replied requests in the app settings. After the specified time the program will remind manager of certain leads again, so he could get back to them and contact with potential customer one more time.

Our app is suitable for any business, which gets leads through the corporate website or landing, messengers, phone calls or email. It allows to speed up the processing of requests and prevent possible losses at processing stage. Full accountability in system provides accuracy of lead generation and conversion indicators.

Why should you try the app by OneBox?

We have developed the universal tool for processing, management and automation of lead generation. Its implementation to your business will ensure:

  • increase of conversion rates by every source of lead generation;
  • minimization of lead's "loss" risk;
  • precise monitoring of the number of applications and efficiency of further work of managers on their processing;
  • building of efficient leads funnel in business;
  • KPI assessment for a certain manager and optimization of labor costs.

Our app is available in cloud, and also can be installed on iOS, Android. Simple and user-friendly interface requires minimum of time to track the results of leads' processing.

Lead capture and processing will be more efficient, if you get a clear understanding: which sources give the most and the rate converted to sales, which stages of funnel lead to deal cancellation, what are the reasons of refusal. The app for lead processing will help you to track this information and if you use it right, you'll be able to increase the income, reducing the investment in advertising at the same time.

App features:

  • tracking the sources of deals;
  • sales funnel creation;
  • recording of reasons for refusal;
  • automation usage (automatic email send-out, reserve of goods on order, sending of notifications about send-out in one click and many other things).

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Application Lead Management available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
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