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Transition from Megaplan to OneBox OS

from iCOLOR OneBox #

What will we do:

  1. We will conduct a preliminary audit of exactly what you do in Megaplan and offer a package of ready-made solutions.
  2. You kept a contact database and we can transfer it to OneBox. To do this, you provide the appropriate data file that you export from Megaplan.
  3. File format: xls/xlsx. We import the data from the file to OneBox. You need to worry about grouping contacts according to a simple example: Employees, Partners, Suppliers, Contractors, Customers, etc.
  4. You have employees and we create their cards, set up basic access rights so they can use the system and manage data.
  5. We will create business processes corresponding to your features and activate connections between them.
  6. We recommend training employees to work with the system to facilitate their adaptation.
  7. We offer additional works:
  • categorization of goods/services, their import from existing files: xls/xlsx/xml;
  • in-depth audit of business processes in your company;
  • modification of any process according to the specifics of your company;
  • connecting and configuring integrations that make work easier.
  • other, according to your additional requests.

Available Platforms «Transition from Megaplan to OneBox OS» #

Application Transition from Megaplan to OneBox OS available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Transition from Megaplan to OneBox OS available on my server
Available on my server
Application Transition from Megaplan to OneBox OS customizable