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CRM for metal traders

from Olmonic - O. P. MOROZOVA #

CRM  for metal traders is a tool that allows you to automate customer relationship management processes in a metal trading company.

With CRM for metal traders, you can:

  • Manage a customer database, store information about contacts, orders, transactions and history of interaction with customers.
  • Automate the sales process, track orders, schedule meetings and tasks, monitor the implementation of sales plans.
  • Analyze customer, transaction and sales data, determine sales performance, identify trends.
  • Improve customer interactions, improve service levels, retain customers and attract new ones. CRM for metal traders is integrated with other tools such as email, telephony, instant messengers, analytical systems, etc.

This allows you to create a single information system that provides full control over the processes of sales and customer relationship management.

Metal-roll calculator in the order interface

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Application CRM  for metal traders  available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application CRM  for metal traders  available on my server
Available on my server
Application CRM  for metal traders  customizable
Paid Application
Paid Application