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CRM-ERP configuration of OneBox OS:Print+ system for Druku and Advertising

The Astelit Group company promotes the configuration of the CRM-ERP system OneBox OS: Print for the enterprises of Operative printing, Drukaren of the full cycle, Companies that prepare advertising and souvenir products.
The system allows:
• channels of communication with the deputy (website, social media, post office, phone) call in one place,
• follow-up and keruvati by stages of improvement, wicking, improvement of skin repair,
• maintain a database of deputies and post-employees with the history of the appointment,
• ordering and following the work of the Company's employees, (designing, designing, manufacturing, supplying, accounting, etc.),
• control and automate the process of purchasing components and display materials,
• to carry out the system of Gentle brewing,
• carry out the process of preparing a proposal at all stages,
• keep a warehouse look of glassware materials, components, finished products,
• arranging the delivery of the order (by self-visit, by courier, by th
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