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CRM began to hang at work

Mostly in the morning, managers complain that the CPM slows down a lot, the transitions between PSUs sometimes take a couple of minutes. if the standard is 2-5 seconds, now it is very often 30-60 seconds. Combining orders of 5 pieces from the manager today took about 20 minutes, before a couple of minutes. + sometimes there is a glitch when saving a product card and throws an error (this reported the problem to the manager)
A week ago, I paid for setting up and optimizing the CPM server and switched to a faster tariff plan, but the system began to work worse in general in terms of speed
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21.12.2020, 15:44
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I sent a video to the manager that the transition through the stage takes up to 1 minute, + the search by phone number is also mega long. and such a problem, alas, manifested itself more after switching to a more powerful server tariff plan and its optimization for which the Developers were paid.
It is extremely stressful for managers to work at such a speed of transitions to stages.
did not make global or significant changes in CPM
22.12.2020, 11:39
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it's too early to say, but I disabled 2 functions and so far there are no special problems with orders
22.12.2020, 13:17
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