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You need to install a security certificate on the site http://legkapokupka.com.ua

Purchase questions:
1 - what parameters to choose in these paragraphs:
2 - where to send the received data
2 - how much does it cost to install a certificate and how to pay
Thanks in advance
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Good afternoon.
1 It depends on how you will confirm ownership of the domain:
- If you have a domain mail, you can choose email (you will be sent a letter);
- If there is no mail, then you can choose DNS - you need to create a record in your domain, which you will be asked;
- because system is located on our server, you will not be able to place the file on the server.
2 When you receive the certificate files (private key and certificate file), create a topic on the forum,
You will be billed, in return you will send the certificate files.
The cost of work is 1 hour.
29.04.2021, 16:15
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