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report Balance by counterparties is considered incorrect when returning, if there was a discount in the process

I use the Balance by counterparties report, I found that when returning goods, if there was a discount in the process, the cost of the goods without a discount is included in the report, as a result, the balance does not converge. In order to fix it, I was given a revision of 1 hour. All the same, I think that such errors should be corrected for free. This is actually not a revision, but a bug fix.
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Every day we are faced with situations when one client asks for the implementation of a certain logic, and after a while another considers this logic an error, starting only from his need.
In this case, I agree that the situation is not unambiguous - and made changes to the logic of price calculation. But in case of a conflict of interest with other clients, there will be clarifications.
09.04.2021, 17:48
Original comment available on version: ru

Thank you, here the situation is unambiguous, the balance must converge, otherwise it is not a balance.
09.04.2021, 22:49
Original comment available on version: ru

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