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Atomization of the sewing assembly line process

Cycle the process of the conveyor of sewing production.
It is necessary to check the speed of the details and the vibration + monitor
shvidk_st work and specialists.
With this rank, you can automate yoga in the OneBox system.
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Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович iCOLOR OneBox
ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
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Victoria, hello, hello
Є basic solution, just for a seamstress.
To chirp the details, turn around.
We will conduct a working group to better understand your needs.
How the butt of working solutions - UkrPromSpets, how to work
tailoring of a special work clothes for the undertaking.
15.12.2020, 14:17
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Victoria - it would be great to marvel at the description, how you can see the process of tailoring at once - then you can tell or even create it for you.
15.12.2020, 17:16
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