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CRM for educational institutions

We at OneBox Corp will help you implement the OneBox system. Our task is to provide you with the most effective solution that will allow you to manage your business without being distracted by solving secondary tasks. We will set up the following functionality for a music school on the basis of OneBox:
• Structure companies with diverse access for employees
• Receive reports on the duration of work of employees in the system.
• Maintain a knowledge base with a variety of content (text, images, videos, etc.) that you can use for educational purposes.
• Use built-in e-mail, sms and other services for communication.
• Maintain a database of pupils and students.
• Conduct lessons and manage their schedule.
• Calculate teachers' salaries for the lessons.
• Receive leads from various sources: FaceBook, Instagram, forms of sites distributed Questionnaire and process the following requests;
• Solve various tasks related to both educational and other processes;
• Conduct distance learning i
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19.08.2022, 16:11
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