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It is not possible to add standard fields to the table

Product example http://crm.tryalia.com.ua/app/product/1818/edit/
It has fields filled in: short description, height, width, length. Screen 1
These are not additional fields, but basic systems.
The problem is that we cannot add these fields to the product table as a list. They are not in the options, although they should be. Screen 2
Please update all standard fields so that they can be added.
Original question is available on version: ru


Hello, these 4 fields are not in the ways to display the product table (lists, analogues), they were not added.
It will take 1 hour to add them
12.12.2022, 15:38
Original comment available on version: ru

Thank you for rating. I will need to refer to this issue.
In the meantime, please correct the error described below.
For height, width, length, there are variables in action. You can see it on the screen.
Why is there no short description? The fields are essentially the same.
Please add a variable.
13.12.2022, 19:05
Original comment available on version: ru

This is not an error. Entities such as a product in the database can have up to a hundred fields, and displaying all of them for a client who ordered a certain revision was not necessary. Keep in mind that the more fields you need to display, the more hours you need to spend on development.
This field can be added to the action with a 1 hour refinement, however, a couple more simple-to-display fields can be included in this estimate.
23.12.2022, 10:13
Original comment available on version: ru

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