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The entered data was lost during re-registration

today they did a re-account, introduced goods
there was a failure in the van box, and all the entered data for the day flew off
cause? Is it possible to roll back to a backup?
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checked with the staff. there have already been similar "crashes" of the system before
02.12.2021, 10:59
Original comment available on version: ru

Introduced a group of goods - Postcards and fertilizers.
1. I enter the article of the product
2. I change the amount calculated after the fact in the store.
3. I click the add button.
After pressing step 3, all goods from the warehouse, of various groups, were added to the list with the goods that were added (postcards and fertilizers).
02.12.2021, 11:49
Original comment available on version: ru

Hello. I tried to repeat your steps - everything is displayed correctly. Perhaps you did not save the table after the changes made
02.12.2021, 15:53
Original comment available on version: ru

worked today. everything was ok too.
this glitch happens from time to time
02.12.2021, 16:33
Original comment available on version: ru

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