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Action "Reserve process content in warehouse" does not work

Good afternoon!
At the stage New /admin/shop/workflowstatus/67/action/new/ there is an action "Reserve the contents of the process in the warehouse", which does not work when switching to the stage, once every N minutes it also does not work. Works only when the process is saved.
For testing, this action was prescribed at the stage New site SMS /admin/shop/workflowstatus/137/action/new/ the situation is the same.
Test order /admin/customorder/order/18981/edit/
What could be the problem?
Original question is available on version: ru


Hello, in order for the action to work out once every N minutes, you must specify the appropriate setting. According to the current settings, the action will try to reserve the selected quantity of the product, which, when the status is set to 0, will not reserve anything. When you open an order and if in the settings of the process product table you should automatically determine the quantity of the selected product, then the column with the quantity of the selected product will be filled in and after that, when you click on the save button, the action works out according to the settings. Try unchecking "Reserve only selected amount of product"
13.07.2021, 09:38
Original comment available on version: ru

Yes, obviously, it was in this tick.
Now everything is fine. Thank you!
14.07.2021, 10:50
Original comment available on version: ru

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