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Popup window for certain employees

Good afternoon experts.
How can I implement a pop-up window when the user enters the box.
1. The administrator creates a task for an employee, selects his last name from the list, then saves the task.
2. The employee enters the box as usual, but instead of the usual interface, he has a pop-up window with some information. He can close it and it won't appear again.
Any ideas?
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Good afternoon Alexander. There is such an action Check the execution of the stage when it is installed at the stage after the time specified in the action, the window will pop up for the employee responsible for the process, after which he will be able to continue working in Box only when he switches to the specified task and change its stage.
We use it in the process of changing the password, if an employee does not complete the task for a long time, receives this notification and until he changes the password and switches the stage, he will not be able to work in Box.
Perhaps this action will close your task?
14.05.2021, 10:59
Original comment available on version: ru

There is a similar functionality with the knowledge base. When creating an article in the knowledge base, you can click "Standard required to read" and select the roles of employees who must read the standard. When an employee works in the box, he is shown a window with a list of articles in the knowledge base that he must read.
14.05.2021, 12:02
Original comment available on version: ru

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