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Customer discount within the order

When creating an order from a customer manually, the customer's discount is not added to the tabular section of products.
Tell me how to make it so that when creating an order for a client, a discount was pulled into the block with goods, and the cost of the goods and the total amount of the order were formed taking into account the discount?
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Hello. This discount can automatically be tightened only in the process discount. You can see it in the total lines for the process
08.01.2021, 16:54
Original comment available on version: ru

Good afternoon.
For the example of the created BP, which I showed in the previous screenshots, the discount also did not work in the final part
08.01.2021, 17:01
Original comment available on version: ru

Try to first create a process, add a client and then add products to the process through the search, with this option, does it pull a discount?
01.02.2021, 15:47
Original comment available on version: ru

Thank you. Already figured out
There is a problem with pulling up the sum of the final discount through a variable into the document What variable should be set?
Can you help with this question?
01.02.2021, 16:58
Original comment available on version: ru

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