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Sequential numbering of tasks of one business process

When we set tasks
this is how it turns out when there is an id
371 Lead > 372 Order
373 Lead > 376 Order
374 Lead > 375 Order
It is necessary to implement end-to-end numbering,
to get separate task numbers,
which are not equal to the id of these tasks
number 1 Lead id371
number 2 Lead id373
number 3 Lead id374
number 1 Order id372
number 2 Order id376
number 3 Order id375
At the same time, task numbers are even displayed in a separate column.
when displaying tasks as a list, for example
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There is an action "Fill in the process or contact field"
you hang it on the starting stage, in the description at the bottom of the action there is an example of variables:
[workflow.number] - sequence number of the order in the current business process or [workflow.number:2], where 2 is the number of zeros at the beginning of the number)
[workflow.numberyear] - serial number of the order in the current business process for the current year or [workflow.number:2], where 2 is the number of leading zeros)
actually from the moment of creating new processes after setting the actions - you will start numbering inside the BP
22.12.2020, 16:36
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