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Selecting a Viber message recipient from a task

The task has a communication method "Write a message in Viber" https://prnt.sc/w356e8 There you can select a Viber account to send, but there is no choice of recipient. By default, it sends to the process client, but for example, you need to send a message to the "Process Client Manager" or "Responsible" or "Author". Please rate this update.
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To make a choice in the form of a selector in the form of writing a message to whom to send (client / manager / responsible / author) - this is a revision of 3 hours.
If they cannot be sent (for example, there is no viberid) - there will be an error.
16.12.2020, 16:50
Original comment available on version: ru

Thanks for the answer. We'll keep thinking
17.12.2020, 11:13
Original comment available on version: ru

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