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difference between statuses and the logic of passing through statuses

There is an order /admin/customorder/order/314728/edit/
This order seems to be in two statuses at the same time
accordingly, the transition logic wants to go from the beginning of the business process, and not in that status according to the history of the stages.
Please correct and explain how this could happen?
Original question is available on version: ru


Probably an error occurred on some status, but the history of status changes was not rolled back ...
Is it possible to repeat this manually when creating a new process? Can you describe the sequence of actions?
16.08.2021, 17:13
Original comment available on version: ru

Шавалюк Дмитрий Борисович
КОмпания "Моношоп". Владелец
So far, the question is not relevant, perhaps this will not be on the new version. Thank you!
06.09.2021, 15:38
Original comment available on version: ru

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