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Often letters come with some kind of "garbage" inside, such as logos, icons, and so on. Boxing displays all this as files attached to the letter. And if there are a lot of files, then this is a whole mosaic of squares. https://prnt.sc/10a3j30
At the moment, such huge tiles are not always appropriate and convenient.
Will be comfortable:
- make a check for the file size, and do not attach files to the tab that are less than 10 KB.
- make it possible to choose the type of display of files attached to the letter: list, large or small tile (but in fact it is enough to make a small tile https://i.imgur.com/Mrht5O4.png , but so that when hovering over a file it shows a preview).
Original question is available on version: ru


Do a little later
redesign is underway
01.03.2021, 15:24
Original comment available on version: ru

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