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Stopped receiving orders from Prom.ua

Good afternoon!
Since the morning of 03/24/21, orders have not been received from the prom (the last order that was received was 03/23/21 22:02), I requested a new api key and changed it, it did not help, what could be the problem?
Original question is available on version: ru


Contact prom's TP, judging by the error, prom blocked your ip
25.03.2021, 14:33
Original comment available on version: ru

They ask on the prom:
"Be kind, write the IP from which you can change the request for verification and unlocking."
25.03.2021, 16:22
Original comment available on version: ru

You can find out the ip of your box using any available online service, for example this one - https://2ip.ru/whois/#result-anchor
25.03.2021, 16:23
Original comment available on version: ru

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