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Synchronizing OneBox leftovers in OpenCart

Good afternoon!
Tell me, what action can be used to transfer the balances of goods from several warehouses at once (in our case, from three) to Opencart?
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Upload products/categories/filters/characteristics to opencart (via database). There you can choose to unload the remains of warehouses, the remains from all your warehouses will be unloaded (if you select an item in the list of fields for unloading). Also look in the action settings, most likely there will be some kind of filtering for only the necessary warehouses
26.07.2022, 11:34
Original comment available on version: ru

Understood thanks
I understand that if the goods are in several warehouses at once, then in opencart they will simply be summed up and recorded in the "quantity" field?
26.07.2022, 11:37
Original comment available on version: ru

yes, there is a separate field for the quantity of available goods
26.07.2022, 12:05
Original comment available on version: ru

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