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Some API orders with good papa will not be included in the box

Some API orders with a good deal will not get into the box, according to the XIII API, this order is in the download - - but it did not get into the box and the client was not even created, and in XIII the order was not assigned a manager. that is, the order is in XSh, but it is not transferred anywhere. more than a day has passed. in the river the order was transferred to the box. This is the second case in the last month. XIII support response - All integrations with Horosop were not performed by us, and unfortunately we cannot be responsible for the performance of this module, you need to contact your CRM system support with a screenshot that I provided above, describe the situation that Horosop gives all orders that requests CRM, but some orders are not loaded in the system, they should pay attention to this and check everything.
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give an example of an order (maybe the date or information about the client)
03.10.2021, 20:19
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It is impossible to give an example of an order because no orders have been received by the box. here is a screenshot of orders from horoshopa - they hang in it, they manually transferred orders to the box, the order number ХШ should be visible in the process name, as long as there are two orders
04.10.2021, 12:00
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