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Error when creating TTN ( special Cargo only from/to cargo type of warehouses or doors)

Устали от постоянных ошибок при создании ТТН ?
Нет желания вводить большие номера при формировании посылок ?
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For example order
Here we want to create a tn by clicking on the button

Getting error
When we go into the log, we see an error such as special Cargo only from / to cargo type of warehouses or doors
But they didn’t change anything in the settings, everything is like yesterday, but some tn are created with them everything is ok, and some give an error, they didn’t find patterns, everything is created from one cabinet
New mail writes that this is such an error
But we don’t use this, what’s the problem, how to fix the error so that ttn-ki are created?
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Good afternoon, new mail gives this error. Check with them the reason for its occurrence and what needs to be corrected from the side of your box so that it does not happen
24.03.2021, 16:47
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