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Problems setting up access

The manager in the Payments and cash desk application does not show the balance of the wallet, although all possible accesses are open.
A similar problem in the Orders application: it does not provide access to the warehouse selection when shipping goods in an order.
Tell me what to do.
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Good afternoon, please release:
1. A link to the manager with whom there are problems
2. Links to both pages where they are observed
30.07.2021, 13:09
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Good afternoon,
1) https://box.peresvitbrand.com/app/employer/47204/permissions/ - employee;
groups https://box.peresvitbrand.com/app/acl/aclgrouppermission/2/ and https://box.peresvitbrand.com/app/acl/aclgrouppermission/1/
2) observed on the page of any order: https://box.peresvitbrand.com/396680/. The manager does not have the choice of a warehouse in the selected cell, on the screen in the previous message.
Balances are not visible on the start page of the Payments app: https://box.peresvitbrand.com/app/payments/
30.07.2021, 16:33
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https://box.peresvitbrand.com/app/storage/?aclgroupid=2&setAclMode=1 you don't have any access rights to storages
03.08.2021, 16:37
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Let's go in order. in all-inclusive wallets: https://box.peresvitbrand.com/app/payments/?aclgroupid=2&setAclMode=1
And still, the remains in the panel on the right are not displayed (photo in the first message).
05.08.2021, 11:11
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