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Integration with Viber and Telegram

How to set up mass mailing on Viber and Telegram?
Sms mailing is carried out through Turbosms.
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if you need mass mailing via viber, then look towards integrations
-BSG World
- esputnik

via telegram mass mailings with a probability of 99% will fail

what can be done on standard telegram & viber integrations
-create a public bot for viber and a bot for telegram
- invite people to them via SMS, you already have TurboSMS
- send a bulk message in this format
Write where it is convenient for you to communicate with us
telegram: https://bitly.su/eBqt
if you have any questions, I invite the OneBox group to telegram - we help entrepreneurs, users, which I have been leading for a very long time
here is the link https://t.me/icoloronebox
in it we analyze many, many questions in real time :)
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