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CRM for design studios and designers

We, OneBox Corp, will help you implement the OneBox system. Our task is to provide you with the most effective solution that will allow you to manage your business without being distracted by secondary tasks. Let's set up the following functionality for design studios and designers on the basis of OneBox:
1. Setting up a Business Process (hereinafter referred to as BP) of an order.
A properly configured BP will give you an advantage in order control and processing. You will be able to see at what stage this or that order is, create reminders, take notes and OneBox will remind you of important moments.
2. Document management setup.
Prescribe the templates of the documents you need so that you do not waste time creating them, and the system will instantly create the necessary documents by substituting the given values or contact information. It is also possible to automate the creation of documents at certain stages of the BP.
3. Setting up the database of contacts.
Segment the conta
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