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CRM for construction and renovation

CRM for construction and renovation
The Astelit Group company offers the implementation of the CRM-ERP configuration of the OneBox OS:Construction system for companies engaged in construction and repair work.
The system allows:
• to combine communication channels with customers and suppliers (website, social networks, mail, phone) into a single window,
• support and control the negotiation process with customers,
• monitor the status of each project at all stages of development, coordination, execution and acceptance of works,
• support the stages of construction and repair,
• optimize and control business processes in all departments of the Company,
• manage personnel and processes in workshops,
• establish internal and external electronic document flow,
• effectively manage the Company's finances,
• control and automate the procurement process,
• keep records of materials,
• keep personnel records and accruals,
• integration with Accounting systems (1C or other) of your Company
The company Astelit Group - extensive experience in providing professional IT services for complex solutions to business tasks http://astelitgroup.com
To apply for implementation, please fill out the form: http://surl.li/ciqey
Telephone/Telegram: +380(067)6567375
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