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The name of the selected product is not displayed in the process

The selected product is not displayed in the Sales on the trading floor business process http://trendtema.online/admin/customorder/order/9914/edit/
We just randomly select a product from the list in the Sales BP in the TK and in the field where the products are pulled up with the help of filtering, there is the name of the product, and when we click on + to add this product to the plate for sale, the name disappears.
Please find out what could be causing this error. Screenshot in attachment.
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Judging by the interface settings, when searching, the product name is displayed from the card, and in the table, the Name column displays the value from the additional field Name for printing
The product that is indicated on your screen does not matter for this additional field and therefore nothing is displayed in the table
11.01.2021, 09:24
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