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Automatic creation of BP and appointment of a responsible person

Good afternoon!
The employee performs the task according to his BP and closes it. After closing the BP, a subprocess automatically opens.
How can a parent process assign responsibility for a future sub-process?
In the "Create sub-process" automatic action, you can only select a specific employee or role in advance. I need a person to choose the responsible person manually.
I created in BP add. field where you can select an employee from the directory. But I did not find how to connect it with the subprocess.
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There should be a field with the type "Contact Directory" - you have it https://prnt.sc/wi4v9j
It should be understood that there will be no drop-down list here, you will have to write at least a few characters anyway.
Further, the simplest way is to set the action "Change invalid", select the field that you created in it, and check the box "Change the responsible subprocess" below and select which subprocesses to change the responsible one for, for example https://prnt.sc/wi4x67
07.01.2021, 11:30
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Thank you. Happened!
08.01.2021, 16:57
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