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Good afternoon!
Tell me, what is the functionality in the process for paying with bonuses? For example, there is a customer order that has bonuses on its balance. Is it possible to pay partially with Bonuses, what actions are there for this? how will the process obligations and the client's balance change from this?
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Usually, to implement this functionality, I do this:
1. I create a separate account
3. I create a field in which I write how much the client wants to pay with bonuses (number)
2. I add a procedure that works like this
- check the amount that was paid enough to pay, if the client has less than indicated - > give an error
if everything is ok - no error
- write off bonuses from the client in the amount indicated for writing off
- I make a payment = the amount of debited bonuses (to a separate account from point 1)
- I clear the field "how much to write off"
in total, when the procedure is triggered, the system
1. wrote off bonuses
2. made a payment
if done according to this logic, then all other settings for mutual settlements work as standard. That is, in fact, this is just the amount of payment in the order, like any other payment.
04.01.2021, 15:36
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Alexander, thanks. I also implemented it through the creation of a virtual payment for the amount of deducted bonuses, but I hoped that a more "direct" way of implementation appeared.
04.01.2021, 16:07
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