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No longer sorting products correctly

Here is an order example
Here is sorting

In the order example, we see
There is a product in the first place

Then, until the 31st, there are other articles, and 32 - again the same as the first product

something obviously went astray, before that it worked correctly, what could be the problem?
Original question is available on version: ru


You have a sort action set to "Sort Values as Floats" which means that when sorting, the values from the specified field will be converted to a numeric value for sorting. And you don’t store numbers there: K5C3-06-3127 or SINDTEKS-0079
uncheck the box and sorting will look a little more logical
16.12.2022, 12:45
Original comment available on version: ru

removed, but sorts the same ((
16.12.2022, 15:08
Original comment available on version: ua

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