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The checkbox to select is filled in when the field Select=0 and is removed when select=1

Good afternoon.
Some products in the process have the Select (tick) checkboxes filled in, although in the Select field 0, if you specify the number of positions in this field, the checkmark is automatically unchecked, that is, everything is vice versa
Checking process https://crm.ohrana.ua/admin/customorder/zakaz-postavshchiku/2566796/edit/ (real, not test), .
How to overcome it?
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The selected checkbox is automatically set if the quantity specified in the selected field is equal to the quantity of the process product. Those positions that have a check mark - they have a quantity of 0. That is. The condition is triggered and the checkbox is checked. She disappears, because. you entered 1 in the selected field, the quantity is 0 and the condition is no longer met
Set the quantity of the product to 1 and then it will work as you indicated
18.11.2021, 16:54
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for sure, I didn’t see that there was an amount of 0 (((
18.11.2021, 17:14
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