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How to build a universal business process

Friends, good day hello
About 16:00 this year, the session of the 8th initial workshop at the Main Processes begins.
There will be a recording of the session.
We choose:
- the logic of a universal business process, for which rozv'azuemo be-like for the complexity of the task;
- how to create such a process for OneBox;
- how to see key stages/statuses;
- yakі dії vikoristovuєmo for automation;
- the butt of a folding task, as if it were possible for each process.
The session is divided into two parts:
1️⃣ - theoretical and practical.
2️⃣ - I agree with your requests.
Come to Zustrich, there is a fee of $3.97 for the current rate.
Pay for CIM https://icoloronebox.org/interview/#tarif if you can, choose CONSULTATION.
Get to the session for CIM help: https://t.me/+WWPxIfyvH0XEuSlf
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