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Application Questions and Answers «Kyivstar»

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Missed call processing converts the number from the log
I receive a call with the status INCOMING https://onebox.mim.kiev.ua/admin/logs/showall/ajax/?file=api-registercall-2021-1... Action to turn ...
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Olmonic - O. P. MOROZOVA
Интегратор OneBox
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24.09.2021, 14:11
Error 403 when trying to call from Box
Hello! Box https://technosite.crm-onebox.com/ when trying to call from Box to phone the client gives a 403 error. When checking the token, it gives...
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Configuring click2call
Connected telephony Kyivstar- https://onebox.mim.kiev.ua/app/kyievstar/ The token is correct. There are events. But I can't make a call via cli...
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Calls and audio dialogues from Kyivstar telephony are displayed every other time
Hello Connected the number to the FMC service via Kyivstar telephony. I connected and configured the token, and the call dialogs are displayed very...
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25.07.2021, 07:12
Calls from Kyivstar
Hello! No display of calls from Kyivstar. They are displayed in events, but they are not visible in the Kyivstar section https://technosite.crm-one...