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Application Questions and Answers «Directory constructor»

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22.12.2022, 16:40
OS availability of applications on the phone
Tell me if it is possible to add the possibility to "Install on the phone" the application "Directory builder" https://take.ms/i3u3l ?
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12.11.2022, 13:42
How AutoComplete fields in Directory Builder works
There is such a setting in the "Directory Designer" as "Field Autofill" Please explain with an example how it works and what is...
Refinement: automation by warehouses in the Designer of directories
Good afternoon! Please evaluate the improvement, namely: add the ability to create automation for Warehouses.
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OneBox Corp - Интегратор
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03.10.2022, 10:27
Editing fields with type "Date"
Entry in the guide https://lytvynenko.1b.app/app/customobject/directory/2/4/ When filling in fields with the "Date" type, it is not possi...
HTTP ERROR 500 References BUG
There is a reference https://sbplus.1b.app/app/customobject-3/ If you go to any record, for example https://sbplus.1b.app/app/customobject/director...
1 answer
20.06.2022, 13:20
Create a multi-select in the form - can we modify it?
There are options in the form settings Is it possible to make this value be of type multilist ? That is, when filling in, it was possible to specif...
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ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
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18.05.2022, 18:22
Dovіdniki work incorrectly
Axis of Object Window: https://icoloronebox.crm-onebox.com/app/customobject/directory/11/ The problem is that: 1. Deputy name the country of Bachim...
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20.02.2022, 19:56
How to add a directory of filters and values for Prom.ua
Good afternoon. Please tell me how to connect prom directories. Searched but didn't find.
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18.02.2022, 23:30
Missing values in the directory
Good afternoon. There are no filter values in the Sockets directory. On the first screen there is a "headphone frequency range" filter w...
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Does not display all contracts (additional process field) of the client
there is an order https://etg.crm-onebox.com/admin/customorder/order/39455/edit/ - only 1 contract is displayed the client https://etg.crm-onebox....