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Checks for creating contacts when requested

There was such a consultation - https://crm-onebox.com/en/support/api-onebox/8422-proverka-nomera-i-email/
There is an addendum from the client. questions and wishes.
If, with a similar request, we receive an email in Boxing which is not needed, we need the ability to put such an email in auto. as the main
The second point, we need a condition that if we receive a request in which the email or phone is new (not in the database) - place the client in a specific group / write a specific value in the add. field of the process that is being created
Can you please advise if this is possible?
Tell me what is estimated in hours?
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1. +1h, in the form of a special parameter in the request
2. +2h, in the form of a special parameter in the request. In the finalization, indicate what needs to be done: fill in the additional field or move it to the group.
28.05.2021, 13:35
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