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Duplicates are created by the name of the company HELP!

Good afternoon. The problem has happened before and now it's happening again.
Created a card https://crm.hlr.ua:50443/admin/shop/users/94568/ and with exactly the same name https://crm.hlr.ua:50443/admin/shop/users/94695/.
At the same time, when saving one of the cards, I get the error (and this is understandable, but why wasn't an error thrown when trying to create it?)
We create Company Cards by API, that is, by sending an API request from Box to Box. One of the companies described above was created in the process https://crm.hlr.ua:50443/admin/customorder/issue/3564185/edit/ , the actions to send the request API were set at the stage https://crm.hlr.ua:50443/ admin/shop/workflowstatus/1430/action/new/ and when trying to create the Box did not give an error, although there was already a double by name. Here is the create request log
[2022-09-12 12:22:15]
host: crm.hlr.ua
url: /api/contact-add/json/
contentID: api-contact-add-json
point: /shop.starter.php
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21.09.2022, 00:47
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