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Developers. Error. Subprocesses not showing
https://solidenglishschool.1b.app/24739/ set up a block of subprocesses to display tasks for a deal. If the block is on top, it displays the tasks ...
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yesterday, 16:35
Creating a chat or process in a telegram bot does not work
Here https://sara.1box.link/app/bot-constructor/1/ Most likely, the problem is also with the https://take.ms/9TzcU interface, because when you sele...
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yesterday, 16:00
Finalization of the action Export products in XML format (Rozetka.ua)
Good day! Please evaluate the refinement of the possibility of selecting warehouses for export in the automatic action "Export products in XML form...
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Improvement: The minimum reserve of the product is to add a reserve for product filters
Please calculate the addition to the "Minimum reserve" in the warehouse: 1) In the filtering, add a function of the type "Display the balance in s...
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Highlight a cell in the product list
/app/product/ now in the table display settings you can specify the color for the column is it possible to highlight a cell depending on the va...
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20.03.2023, monday, 17:12
The letter was read
Is it possible to track whether a person has read a letter to whom it was sent. Typically, these emails are sent through an action in a business pr...
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20.03.2023, monday, 17:06
Text is pulled in the wrong currency by variable
Document template https://fr-auto.1box.link/app/document/templates/11/control/ It should be in Russian in tenge, but we get it in rubles. https://t...
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Tasks through time by condition
https://solidenglishschool.1b.app/admin/shop/workflowstatus/60/action/new/ I do tasks to remind the manager, the condition is different from the ad...
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20.03.2023, monday, 10:26
SSL certificate installation
Good afternoon You need to renew an already reissued certificate in OneBox.
2015964632 - Added settings in file sharing action
For the actions "Upload documents to FTP/SFTP" and "Download a file by link from an additional field and save it to FTP" the se...