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Stage tasks
How to open access to the possibility of changing the stage of the task for employees
4 answer
02.06.2023, friday, 11:02
OneBox mobile app
app does not work on iOs, iPad, 12.5.7.
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in access rights, I granted "view/manage" by role to employees, after a couple of days I added access to several roles, but now no one can see past...
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01.06.2023, thursday, 19:18
Adding a Standard Field to an Action
Good afternoon. Noticed that in automation for products. Action "Calculate the value using the formula and write to the specified field&qu...
1 answer
01.06.2023, thursday, 15:22
Error when going to the report - 500 error
When switching to the report, we catch a 500 error https://gamacrm.1b.app/app/report/designer/8/view/ Please correct
2 answer
Olmonic - O. P. MOROZOVA
Інтегратор OneBox
Personal license
01.06.2023, thursday, 11:37
Loading filters by xls file
Hello! I load the filter through Import Excel. As a result, empty columns are created https://4beauty.1b.app/app/product/filters/ Tell me how to fix?
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Change of stage on the specified day of the month
I have such a question, it is necessary to make it so that, for example, on the 5th of every month, business processes switch to the specified stag...
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31.05.2023, wednesday, 17:47
OneBox does not work
crm.sportmarket.ua stopped working Help please
2 answer
31.05.2023, wednesday, 17:32
It is necessary to add the possibility to edit the name of the comment block in the LK
Here https://univer.1b.app/admin/shop/boxclient/10/interface/?workflowid=59 Need to add two input fields So that in your personal account here ...
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31.05.2023, wednesday, 15:42
API password
Good day, how can I get a hash password to set up integration with another service? https://ant-logistics.1b.app/