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yesterday, 15:55
Improvements from MVP to OS in API 1c were not transferred
Good day! They did not postpone the development of the MVP, namely: In API settings for 1C https://etg.crm-onebox.com/app/settings/app-api/?int...
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When auto-forming TTN knocks out an error.
Good afternoon When auto-forming TTN gives an error "An error has occurred. Failed to create TTN. Sender not found." Action Hands TTN are create...
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yesterday, 10:32
Managers don't see each other's messages
https://box.agro-him.com.ua/ Good afternoon In the order, managers do not see what message another manager sent to the client. How to open acces...
3 answer
Doesn't search for tasks by ID
In the global search, not all tasks are searched by their ID . For example this task https://topbox.1b.app/5465/ . And there are many such tasks. P...
2 answer
29.05.2023, monday, 15:32
The add process button does not work, the action (write document) also does not work
The add process button does not work, nor does the action (write document) https://krocus.1b.app/. When the action is performed, the stage selectio...
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Друкарня "Друкарик"
29.05.2023, monday, 13:46
The document does not open in a separate tab
The document created by the procedure does not open in a separate tab. The problem arose in the morning of 05/29/2023. Before that, everything was...
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Oneboxconsulting (интегратор)
29.05.2023, monday, 11:25
The button for adding business processes does not work
Project https://1b.app/. The button for adding business processes does not work
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29.05.2023, monday, 11:13
Need to import data from Bitrix24 CRM to OneBox
- Employees - Companies (all basic fields including additional ones) - Calls (with audio recordings, dates, statuses, phone numbers and basic field...
2 answer
29.05.2023, monday, 09:34
Create task button not working
In box https://topbox.1b.app/ . In all groups, the button for creating tasks stopped working. An example from here https://topbox.1b.app/app/workfl...
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29.05.2023, monday, 08:59
Box https://smoke.1b.app does not work
Box https://smoke.1b.app does not work balance replenished