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today, 17:50
Setting up the telephony pop-up window
After switching to the OneBox OS version, there was a question about working with Telephony Pop-ups, with the "Last 3 client processes" block https...
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today, 16:28
we do not have the opportunity to add new applications to the SRM system
Deopika company deopika.1b.app We are trying to add the application to the SRM in 2 ways: 1 option - we are transferred to the official site, we ...
How to adjust the visibility of tasks by users so that they are visible only if they set them or they are responsible? Access granted, if I set "vi...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
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today, 10:07
how to calculate the age of the client using the formula in the additional field based on the date of birth?
Please tell me how to use a formula to calculate the client's age based on the date of birth in an additional field? I saw it somewhere, it seems, ...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
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today, 09:43
Try managing an enterprise through business processes with the iCOLOR Business Process Workshop
Announcement from the iCOLOR Process Workshop https://t.me/icolorstudio We suggest you take advantage of the opportunity and try to manage a small...
I can't insert the Rosetka Delivery application
Gives an error, see screenshots. Please help
Automation from Telegram
How to solve the problem? The procedure with automation "Send a Telegram message" works well in the first BP, which is assigned in the chat with th...
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Setting up automation for receiving messages from Prom.ua
In the box https://topbox.1b.app/desktop/ in automation once a minute https://topbox.1b.app/app/automatization/minute/edit/ set up an action that s...
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Please correct the field "Balance in warehouses" and add "Expand/Show all" to it
Please correct the "Balance in warehouses" field in the "Products table", namely, so that by default all warehouses are collapsed, and add a button...
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05.06.2023, monday, 19:42
Change numbering in processes
Congratulations. Tell me, is it possible to change the numbering in the Process number field? It is necessary to make sure that all new transaction...