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14.03.2023, 14:28
Crown stuck https://crm.ohrana.ua/
Good day https://crm.ohrana.ua/ project for the MVP and I know that you no longer maintain this version. But the server was overloaded and it didn...
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14.03.2023, 12:17
Instant transition doesn't work sometimes
Process https://rivcont.info/3651135/ The stage has an action of instant transition to the stage https://rivcont.info/admin/shop/workflowstatus/396...
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14.03.2023, 12:14
Sender not found. periodic error
For example here https://rivcont.info/3649494/ There was an error https://take.ms/bxlYI , but then after 5-7 minutes everything is carried out. We ...
Wordpress coupon discount
Good day! Generated a discount coupon in Wordpress. How to transfer a customer's order with a discount to OneBox? Thank you!
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13.03.2023, 20:32
Is there any plan to improve this module?
Last year they promised that there would be a new version of this module. Please let me know if there are any plans to improve it. - Firstly, I am ...
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13.03.2023, 17:35
Is it possible to change the automation from "once per minute" to "once every 3 minutes"?
Is it possible to change the automation from "once per minute" to "once every 3 minutes"? Here it is: Can't find how to do this.
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13.03.2023, 17:14
It is necessary to implement synchronization according to the directory with Ukrainian. and Russian languages
Boxing https://chekhol.com.ua It is necessary to add an item for Ukrainian in editing the filter. reference version https://take.ms/6LQs8h This is ...
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Action work Return process content to warehouse
Explain how an action works in the following situation: - 2 items shipped in progress - one product was returned manually through the Warehouse...
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Oneboxconsulting (интегратор)
13.03.2023, 13:12
in 1b os there is no "Process Tree" process display mode
Congratulations! Tell me whether the process display mode "process tree" was renewed on 1b OS? On MVP, they even made revisions for it https://1b.a...
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13.03.2023, 12:02
Display of stages
In the business process https://balistyka.1b.app/app/workflow/6/constructor/ we see 7 stages. And if you go to the action settings https://balistyk...