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16.03.2023, thursday, 19:07
VERY URGENT! The same order is generated every minute
Guys, for some reason, the same order is constantly generated with Magento. It all started on 2023-03-16 16:53. Here is the BP https://our-store.c...
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16.03.2023, thursday, 16:11
BAG I cannot add a contact in the additional field of BP
https://askoart.1b.app/2383/ Add. "Responsible for installation" process field. I tried to put the field in various universal blocks, but it did no...
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16.03.2023, thursday, 13:59
Ability to format text in mass mailing
Hello! I use the Telegram bot as a landing page for my project. In the Telegram bot designer, you have the opportunity to format text in text block...
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ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
Personal license
16.03.2023, thursday, 12:47
Question to the developer: What are the terms of use of the application for Clients
Here I asked the question: https://1b.app/ua/forum/crm-and-funnels/16719-yak-mozhna-tsey-dodadok-vstanoviti... I am addressing y...
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Olmonic - O. P. MOROZOVA
Интегратор OneBox
Personal license
16.03.2023, thursday, 11:53
Add in the constructor a display of the number of new (unopened) processes
Hello! Tell me how it is possible to add the functionality of displaying the number of processes at the starting stage (unopened) By type as in t...
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ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
Personal license
16.03.2023, thursday, 11:15
How can the Client install this application?
There is a Client who needs to install this application. What are my actions?
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16.03.2023, thursday, 11:09
Sorting is missing
Since yesterday, the ability to sort products by columns, availability in stock, has disappeared before I could sort the availability of products ...
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16.03.2023, thursday, 09:23
How to market a product if it is always unique???
How to work in OneBox if I have a product that is always unique? (example "window", always unique for each client). How to keep a warehouse for suc...
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16.03.2023, thursday, 02:13
Need full development.
Hello everyone, we need a person who can develop a website and connect liqpay to it, write in more detail in telegram. @Lavryhha The amount is nego...
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15.03.2023, wednesday, 18:55
The employee cannot edit and view the work schedule
Good day! Gave the Employee group access to the Employee Schedule application https://monosnap.com/file/lbFLtVVvjiHj91GQxiuCjVBrt8CCnv. But, as it ...