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Application "Documents"

The application is able to generate documents according to a template, automatically substituting the required fields from orders (processes). When you check out a document, an HTML file is generated that can be edited directly in OneBox OS.

To create a document template, you need to do the following:

1. Install and then go to the Documents app:

2. Go to the "Document Templates" section:

3. This section will display a list of available document templates, as well as the ability to add a new one. To do this, click on the item "Add document template":

4. On the page that opens, go to the "Editor" tab:

5.Using a visual editor, create the document template that you will need to write out in the processes (orders, tasks, etc.):

6. You can add variables to the document template that will pull information from the process into the document.

In order to use a variable, place the cursor in the place where you want to add the variable and click on the name of the variable.

As a result, a variable will be added to the document (variables of the form row: must be placed in the table):

Here is an example of a document template with variables:

7. On the "View" tab, specify a name for the document template, also what the document refers to, and click "Add entry":

You can use ready-made document templates to avoid creating your own. For this:

1. Install and then go to the "Collection of Document Templates" application:

2. Select the required document template and click “Load”:

When the document template is formed, you can write them out, for example, in your processes. To form a document in the process, you must:

1. Open the process in which you want to generate a document.

2. Send it to application “Documents” → “Create document”:

3. Select a template according to which you want to create a document, if necessary, fill in the other fields in the displayed form:

4. Click “Save”:

As a result, you will have a document generated according to the selected template, which, for example, you can print as pdf:

In order to display all the documents for the process, you must:

1. Open the process by which you want to view documents.

2. Send it to Application “Documents” → “Find Documents”