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Component «MiW»


How it works «MiW» #

MiW allows to fully configure the synchronization of data by products, orders, residues from Wildberries.

More than 80% of sellers' routine tasks will be automated.

The app allows to:

  • Import automatically all the products from Wildberries portal to your OneBox;
  • Download and synchronize the orders from WB;
  • Track order status on Wildberries;
  • Upload the remaining products from Wildberries warehouse to OneBox;
  • Write off the product from WB warehouse automatically, when order status is changed on WB;
  • Record a product as received on the warehouse in OneBox, when the customer makes a return;
  • Include the WB commission and logistics costs to the product's cost price;
  • Control the product's residues on the Wildberries warehouse and automatically launce the process of new product supply;
  • Convenient workflow of the shipment of goods from supplier's warehouse and control of acceptance of the goods at Wildberries warehouse;
  • Well-defined workflow for packing, marking of the product, writing off the components and calculation of the salaries for the staff members.

Available Platforms «MiW» #

Application MiW available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application MiW available on my server
Available on my server
Application MiW customizable